As I mentioned, I’m experimenting with responsive design for the HD and/or mobile version of Cat Nine. After playing around with it for a while, I kinda want to apply it to the main site, if it’s ok with you guys. So far, I’ve only tested it with page 85. For now, the comic image is the only thing that adjusts since redesigning the whole layout is too much work. What do you guys think? Poll below! Pros:

  • Comic image size automatically adjusts up to 1920 pixels wide.
  • If 980 pixels wide and below, nothing happens.


  • It may be too big to some people, at least, it is for me.
  • Higher file size. For page 85, it went up from 53KB to 129KB.
  • Haven’t tested it on my phone yet (ugh, stupid Wi-Fi).
  • Some pages might look weird, maybe. If there’s anything, please tell me.

EDIT: Okay, instead of it taking the whole width of the screen, I’ve made the larger comic image take up only 95% of the screen.