Currently done:

  • Removed “Gallery” link from the menu. I don’t think anyone checks that out anyway, plus I do have my deviantArt account for that.
  • Added bookmark widget. Tag/bookmark a page, so you can go back to it later! It will only work on the same device however. I might remove this if isn’t used much.
  • Added page numbers to comic titles. Much easier searching using the search feature and the archives.
  • Added notes in the rant section to certain comics. Who knows, it might be interesting.
  • Added alt-text to all comics. If you don’t know what alt-text is, it’s that thing that pops-up if you mouse over an image, or as a replacement for the image. Just some extra fun.
  • Optimized the website, all comic images, and some other images in the website. Smaller size, faster browsing!


  • Turn “Vote Cat Nine for President!” section, into a “Support Cat Nine” section.
  • Finish my Patreon page. Again, suggestions for Patreon rewards are appreciated!
    • Make buffer comics, about 4-12 in advance. If anyone wants to submit some guest comics so I can have time to do this, please do!
    • Make an HD/larger comics section, for those Patrons who pledged for it. May need some experimenting with this first.
    • Make an intro video or comic. I’m leaning towards making a video, but I don’t really feel like showing my ugly mug, haha.
    • Make downloadable PDF or CBR files. For those who want to view higher quality images in Adobe Reader or CDisplay.
  • Setup store and design some products. I have no idea what to put in here as of now though. Got any suggestions in mind?
  • Add vote comic/image links that’s related to a specific comic page. Some of the pages already have these though. Kinda low priority though.
  • I might add links that point out to InkOutbreak and Comic Rocket. Maybe I’ll make a Follow Cat Nine thingy.