More website stuff. Back to work on the comic after this.

  • I know I said I’d change the Aside artwork posts to Image format gradually, but I’ve changed and added the appropriate links to all of them.
    • All (three 😆) of the NSFW artwork I’ve done have been uploaded to and have pixiv links now. 😉
  • Changed the blog posts displayed on the homepage/recent posts from 20 to 10 to make loading a little faster.
  • I can now change the image sizes for Image posts. If it’s thumbnail-sized, it’s likely it will take you to the appropriate link instead of opening a larger version of the image.
  • I use Font Awesome for the icons, but the icon kit is loaded after everything else on the page are loaded and there’s a 10k pageviews/month limit. So, I changed from using externally loaded kits to .svg so it’s faster. But because of that, I have to credit them and link to their license properly so I made a new Credits page. I’ve only changed the icons in the top navigation menu for now and had to adjust the CSS for them.
  • Added pixiv icon to the top navigation menu.