Supporters page updated

A fresh coat of paint and cleaner CSS for the “new” Supporters page (ex-Patrons and Ko-fi enablers page). I renamed it to Supporters so it’ll fit the new navigation menu if you were curious.

It’s definitely not the most useful nor frequently visited page, but hey, I and this whole friggin site wouldn’t be alive without these guys so thank you once again!

If more supporters show up (wink wink) or if I want to update that page automatically, I’ll probably have to learn SQL or some real PHP since I’ve been making do with modifying .php files at most. Welp, I’ll leave that to future me.

Sticky nav menu?

Speaking about that new nav menu, Mod BlueDavrial has suggested the nav menu should stick to the screen while it scrolls down. I figured most webpages that aren’t comic pages will be rarely visited, so I didn’t make it sticky. I was also worried about it being annoying, but most of us are used to sticky nav menus and when I tried myself here in cat-nine.net I didn’t find it too annoying. Kinda dumb having two fixed bars on my side though. What do you guys think? I’m leaning toward keeping it static rather than sticky.

screenshot showing admin and navigation bar