Why’d you stop updating the old Cat Nine/Cat Nine Classic?
Got bored with it, I don’t want Keith and Myan’s relationship to be romantic, and I realized that the story is going nowhere. Further details in this journal.

Why did you name it Cat Nine: Take Two?
It’s a second attempt.

Why Lazylonewolf?
I’m lazy and a loner, but trying really hard to make the “lazy” part a misnomer. And no, I’m not a furry but I do like animals in general.

Where do you live? What’s your nationality? How many languages can you speak?

100% Filipino living in the Philippines. I speak both Filipino and English, although I usually speak in Filipino and think/read/write in English.

When do you actually update? (as of 2/20/2021)
Ideally four pages a month on a sporadic schedule. Weekly if possible. I’ll have to do at least five bonus and fan art, and two commissions a month to catch up with my backlog. I plan to do more than that.

Why haven’t you done any NSFW art until 2020?

I’m not horny enough to be a regular NSFW artist haha.

What apps and tools do you use?

  • Drawing
    • Clip Studio Paint EX – Pro version is really good and reasonably priced ($50 as of May 2018) so it should fit most people’s needs! Heck, you should get this even if it’s only for the 3d model references, very useful for comics! I’ve upgraded to EX as of 2020 so I can do animations.
    • Clip Studio – For Clip Studio Paint setting backups and finding free art assets like brushes, backgrounds, and 3d references. It also has cloud backup, but the size is too limited so I don’t use it that much.
    • Wacom Cintiq 16 – Reasonably priced compared to Pro so I got it as soon as I found out about it. I draw everything with this and it’s the perfect size for my current usage and desk.
    • OBS – When I’m streaming to Picarto.
    • My phone – Take photos of stuff like my hands for reference, and writing down ideas if I’m away from my computer.
    • PNGGauntlet – To losslessly optimize full-quality PNG images for patrons.
    • TinyPNG – For smart lossy compression. Works with JPG too.
  • Website
    • I use WordPress hosted on a cPanel shared hosting server.
      • Theme: Easel. It’s a super old version. Not sure if you can even download it anymore. I’ve heavily modified this and the Comic Easel plugin.
      • Important plugins:
        • Comic Easel – This plugin is the actual thing that displays the comic pages.
        • Jetpack – Tons of features like website analytics, performance, customization, and security.
        • Yoast SEO – For easy SEO, mainly with changing the titles for pages.
        • Patreon – So patrons can log-in and turn advertisements off.
        • wpDiscuz – Because the WordPress default comment system sucks.
        • Ad Inserter – So it’s easier to add/remove/modify those Comicad ads that you’re seeing.
        • Photo Gallery – The gallery plugin I use for… the Gallery and Fan Art. I have the Pro version.
        • Widget Options – I use this so I can control widgets on mobile/desktop or specific pages.
        • OneSignal Push Notifications – The thing that prompts you for notifications after entering Cat Nine for the first time.
        • Wordfence Security – Naturally, to keep the site secure from hacking and bots.
        • W3 Total Cache – Caches the website for faster loading.
    • Cloudflare – Speeds up Cat Nine and has some security features.
    • Feedburner – For anyone who still uses RSS.
  • Apps
    • Backup
      • Windows 10 Backup/File History – Might as well since it’s included. Backups important files to the external HDD.
      • Macrium Reflect 8 Home. Backups up my whole computer automatically to the external HDD. Got it for the great value perpetual single license.
      • Google Drive/Backup and Sync – I hate Google in principle and this app’s CPU hungry, but it’s the cheapest out of all the cloud services.
    • FileZilla – My FTP app of choice to access Cat Nine’s files.
    • Multi Timer – For my Android phone that’s mounted on an arm whenever I’m on my PC. Got loads of timers and stopwatches to track loads of things.
    • Discord – Great place for all of us to hang out! Join us?
    • Thunderbird – For all my email needs, including for Google Mail.
    • Notepad – Good ol’ Notepad for writing down story ideas and quickly editing CSS and HTML files.
    • Atom – If I actually want to keep my sanity while coding CSS.
    • OpenOffice – For more serious story writing.
    • Evernote – So I can write notes/stories and sync them between my computer and phone, but usually from my phone to computer.
    • WinRAR – To make those comic/art RARchives for patrons. Of course the trial version expired long ago.
    • 7-Zip – I actually use this more than WinRAR since .7z files are smaller than .rar/zip.
    • XnView – Better image viewer app than the default.

What are your computer’s specs? (as of 2/20/2021)

Check out my benchmark!

  • OS: Windows 10
  • CPU:  Intel Core i5-3570
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050
  • SSD: Crucial MX500 250GB
  • HDD: Seagate FireCuda SSHD 1TB
  • External HDD: WD My Passport 2TB
  • RAM: 4GB + 8GB DDR3 Kingston HyperX Fury

What fonts do you use?

I use Sunday Comics BB for most of the dialogue and text. Manga Temple sometimes for effects.

Did you make all of this?
Art, writing, and web design all solely done by me with tons of help of course from WordPress plugins and Comic Easel.

I want to submit fanart/comics
Go right ahead – send them to me through email, social media, or Discord! I’ll put them on the fan art page.

Is there a reason why “salmon” is the color scheme for the website?
Had no idea the color was called “salmon”! I just chose this hue since it looks homely.