Welcome to the Cat Nine fan art gallery! Guest art and artwork done for art exchanges will also end up in here. If available, you can click on the artist or commissioner’s name to go to their page. Please check them out if you like their fanwork!

If you’re looking for fan art that I’ve made, check out the Fan Art category or my deviantArt Fan Art gallery.

Rules for submitting fan/guest art

  • Submit your Cat Nine artwork through email, Discord, or any of my social media.
  • Guest art and art exchanges are welcome!
  • It’s fine if you have original characters involved, but:
    • must have at least one Cat Nine character, or
    • must reference Cat Nine, the creator, or the website
  • No WIP sketches allowed. The minimum quality here are clean, detailed, or finished sketches.
  • Images might be resized or optimized to save server space and bandwidth.
  • Max 10 submissions per person, so submit your best fan artwork!
    • Artists and commissioners can get their own gallery tag if they often submit high-quality artwork.
  • You can include a link.
  • Commissioned Cat Nine fan art (i.e. fan art that you didn’t draw yourself) is allowed.
  • The most NSFW art I can post here are tasteful nudes. Nothing explicitly sexual.