Fixing old comments

I’ve been cleaning and fixing the older comments bit-by-bit since I’ve learned to modify the comments through PHP. I’ve finished from page 1 to 90, but it’s a lot of work for not much reward so I might not continue.

Most of those unorganized comments were caused by Livefyre Comments, the comment system Cat Nine was using before March 2017/page 122. What’s worse is it didn’t include images nor image links when it synced with WordPress’ own comment system so those images are lost forever. That’s the reason why some of those old comments look empty or just @ mentions a commenter.

Thankfully, Disqus included image links and formatted the comments for WordPress properly so I likely don’t have to fix any comments after March 2017/page 122 even after disabling Disqus.

Comic archives now readable

I’ve styled the comic archives to be more readable, now it’s a great way to read up to 10 comic pages at once! I’ve added links to the Complete Comic Archive and each Episode’s archive (e.g. Ep.5 Archive) to the Archives page.

Unfortunately, I still have no idea how to automatically add the ?order=asc query string to the Episode links when reading individual comic pages so it’ll still display the default order (descending). And yes, if you remove ?order=asc from the URL, it will display the posts in the default order, if you need to for some reason.

Thank you BlueDavrial! I got the idea from when he asked how to rearrange blog posts when searching a while ago.

(4/11/2021) I figured it out! Episode links below comic pages should display in ascending order from now on.