Heyyy, early update for patrons!

The words inside parentheses are (animal speak) which only animals can understand. In Cat Nine, animals can understand humans if they’ve already spent some time around them (like in page 132). I’m kinda surprised that it took this long for me to use this trope! I guess Myan was hanging out too much with Keith and friends.

I’m pretty happy with the way the lion came out. I’ve only drawn what, four lions in total in my life (not counting Myan in lion form). Making comics is my way to practice since I find drawing studies kinda boring, though I do make them if I need to. Google Images is also a huge help with photo references too! And Protip: If you can draw cats, you can also draw big cats, more or less.

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(animal speak)
Myan: (Ummmm~) (He-hello!)

Lion: (WHAT?)
Myan: (I said...)

Lion: (WHA-) (SPEAK UP!!)

Tammy: She screams but we can only watch! She's gonna die Keith, she's gonna die!
Keith: Ahh!!