Just relieved that I don’t have to draw Haliya’s tattoos for a while. Tip to amateur artists (and me), don’t use complex designs in your characters, at least if they’re going to show up frequently.



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Tammy: Wha- you're not coming with us?
Myan: meoww
Cruz: Aww~
Hibi-Hibi: Sorry, I really have to stay here to actually help.
Keith : Oh well...

Hibi-Hibi: Don't worry, we'll be done with the rope by the time you get back.
Haliya: I'll keep her company for you. Good luck on your quest!

Cruz: Catch you later!
Myan: Meow!
Keith: Bye then!
Tammy: Toodles! I hope we find something!
Anyil: We're off my Goddess!