I’ve upgraded my Clip Studio from PRO to EX. Didn’t even get it with a discount, Clip Studio guys deserve all the money because it’s a worthy one-time purchase, unlike Adobe!

So I might be able to animate stuff in the future, after I gitgud first that is! And I bet some of you lewd dudes are looking forward to some animated stuff. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The Pokemon font I used.



  • Sunblaze
  • Xiao Sishen
  • BlueDavrial


  • Knut Breitschuh
  • Hothead
  • Simcha-Yitzchak Lerner
  • Steffen
  • tagno25
  • Techokami
  • feralcat52
  • DragonOfLord
  • xtrickshotprox
  • Mew
  • Jimmi Kristensen
  • Dragon Hawk
  • Voxumo
  • Soblin

Hibi-Hibi: In that case, we have everything except, her...

Haliya: Do you have any clues that can help with the search? Anything at all?

Keith: We could check around our camp? She did get us there.
Cruz: Right, and I want to check up on our stuff and the car.

Haliya: Sounds like a plan. Take some of my followers with you, Anyil?
Anyil: I'll roundup the gals!

Hibi-Hibi: While you do that, I'll stay here to work my magic. Take care of yourselves now!