Our gray cat probably hates me now. That is if he can read heh.

Notes (10/19/2014)
Thanks for reading Cat Nine’s very first page! If you’re new here, I suggest you read the New Reader Guide or head on to the new mirror for the old comic (Classic Cat Nine). The rants here are imported from the old site, so they may not be relevant now. Also, some of them are quite embarrassing, soo, yeah. I’ve edited them now though.



[[The mouth of a dirty alleyway]]
(Somewhere down the alley): ...meow

[[A grey cat confronts a frightened brown kitten, who is cornered at the end of the alley]]
Grey: Grrrrrrrr

[[Behind Grey, a shadowy figure looms]]
Shadow: RAAAHHH!!
[[Grey jumps in surprise, it's fur and tail bristling]]