Buwan ng Wika/Language Month: Day 16-20

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If you guys somehow didn’t know, I’ve been uploading these almost every day to my social media and Discord. You might want to check them out if you want the daily updates!

  • day 16: Funny story. “Hibi” means “cry” in one of the Filipino languages… and Classic Hibi used to have a sad/crying face. Then I later on I find out that English word for Hibiscus, and that’s after I already designed Hibi-Hibi that was partly inspired by the gumamela flower. Anyway, gonna have to reuse this design for later.
  • day 17: How to tell rice is a country’s staple without saying it’s their staple:
  • day 18: Opposite case of “rice”, huh…
  • day 19: “Baka, baka baka” with the middle word as the Japanese “baka” (idiot) would mean “maybe an idiot cow” in English
  • day 20: People are into this? 😕