Aw man, this should’ve been done like, a decade ago, sorry! Oh, and a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and Decade! I promised some Christmas artwork in Discord, so expect that soon. Thank IndiSkye for that since I was inspired when they made some Cat Nine Christmas fanart! Check out their pixiv and kenzato(nsfw) here!

Sprites that I used for panel 3 is over here if you want to use them somewhere.

In the comic, there originally was supposed to be some comment by Hibi that only Myan can use her collar since it would be foolish to let just anyone use magical items. To me, that’s just asking for it to be stolen and abused!

I don’t have the exact numbers for their power levels, but:

  • Hibi is magically powerful, but not as much as a goddess.
  • Haliya and Bakunawa are about equal. When they fought, both of them has a 50% chance of winning or not.
  • Kan-laon, the god mentioned in page 208, is a lot powerful than both Haliya and Bakunawa combined.

And I hope you guys understand Myan’s reluctance:

  • It’s a symbol that she has family now.
  • Her dad gave it to her, it has her name in it, so it’s hers.
  • It’s literally the only thing she owns.
  • They told her at some point (especially Hibi I imagine) to not remove her collar, since it’s a magical item.
  • Myan might’ve that people, even some close friends, don’t return the stuff they borrowed.


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Tammy: Do we really need it?
Hibi-Hibi: Not at all. It's just convenient since it already has everything we'll need.

Hibi-Hibi: If I alter Myan's collar, Tammy can use it and turn back into a human. But the magic I've poured in it isn't strong enough... yet.
Tammy: I'm back baby!

Hibi-Hibi: Our power combined should be enough change your form, but not break the curse.
Haliya: Bakunawa and I are equal in power!

Hibi-Hibi: I can make a new agimat for you, but only after this situation with the Bakunawa is over because it will take time.

Cruz: So if we can remove the curse, then there's no need for a magical trinket in the first place?
Hibi-Hibi: Indeed.

Keith: Want me to talk to her?
Tammy: Nah!

Tammy: It's important to her. I don't want to force her to lend it to me.
Tammy: Buuut if she does lend it, I promise to take good care of it and I'll be super grateful!
Tammy: So grateful that I'll give her favorite treat. Meow Chow was it?