I’ve been worrying that Myan’s not that useful in this Episode… but I figured that’s okay and for her to not be the center this time since the past few Eps did focus her. A downside of making up the story as I go! Upside is I wasn’t expecting at all that someone else might use her collar this early or in the current Episode so even I surprise myself. Uh sorry, I dunno if that counts as a spoiler, but I think some of you’ve that read or watched manga/anime would’ve considered that a possibility.

Haliya and her cult, yeah, realistically they should be more buffer, but I don’t really want them too beefy (like most ladies would prefer IRL), aside from not having enough practice drawing them yet.


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Keith: ...what?
Hibi-Hibi: Don't fret, I might be able to do something with Tammy's curse.
Tammy: REALLY?!
Hibi-Hibi: If it works!

Hibi-Hibi: It's one reason we went all the way over here. We'll need Haliya's power
Haliya's muscles: okay!

Hibi-Hibi: and Myan's collar. Um... if you could just let Tammy borrow it, Myan?