Gods in mythology and religion can be a bit heavy-handed with their punishments.


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Haliya: I'm sorry! I just miss my little brother so much!
Cruz: It's fine.

Haliya: How about a hug to say I'm sorry?
Cruz: Now what do we do with Bakunawa's serpent form?

Haliya: Oh, um... she's a shapeshifter, but she's cursed to stay like that.
Keith: Then let's try breaking her curse!
Hibi-Hibi: If I recall, we can...

[Ask the curser to remove the curse]
Haliya: I've tried. Kan-laon's not gonna budge on that.
Tammy: Isn't that a volcano?
Hibi-Hibi: The volcano is named after the supreme god in this part of the land. Actually, we're near said volcano!

[Cause or wait for the curser to die. Or force them to remove it]
Haliya: He's more powerful than me, and I don't like this method.
Cruz: Aren't you a goddess of war?
Haliya: Warrior goddess. I fight if I have to, not revel in warfare.

[Overpower the curse]
Keith: Bakunawa is still cursed until now so... she can't?
Haliya: Yes, and even if the two of us somehow work together, it's likely still too powerful.

[Use a spell, ritual, or item to break it]
Myan: Can't you make one Hibi?
Hibi-Hibi: I'm not as strong as a god, and I doubt something conveniently potent like that exists. Even if there's one, we don't have the time to search for it.

[Fulfill the conditions of the curse, if there's any]
Haliya: Ah, she has to "stop coveting the moon". The curse is her punishment for attempting to eat the moon after all.
Cruz: Oh, so she's grounded.
Keith: Good luck trying to convince a big angry snake...

[Wait out the curse's duration]
Haliya: It's for eternity...
Tammy: Woof.

Keith: Well, this is looking hopeless...
Tammy: Don't say that!