The scene demanded a Feast, therefore I must show a Feast… boodle fight-style! It was a pain to draw I tell you what, but as usual I always need the practice! I’m also starting to see the appeal of using multiply/screen layers for shading/highlighting… I do not want to figure out the color palette for each and every background character!

Around here, “boodle fights” are just eating lunch/dinner with hands, and restaurants even market some meals like that, but apparently it’s also military practice according to that Wikipedia link so… it seems fitting for warrior women! Tammy should take a leaf out of Myan’s book (not that she can read), while Keith should learn from these guys.

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Tammy: Arfgh!! How do you even eat with this mouth?!
Hibi-Hibi: Try literally eating like an animal?
Myan: Another All-I-Can-Eat!
Cruz: Now, where to start...
Keith: ...

Keith: Excuse me...?
Villager: {nom} Yes?

Keith: Is it against your religion if we take these off so we can eat?
Villager: Oh no, take them off if you wish! We don't expect unbelievers to be used to wearing masks, much less eating with them on.

Villager: Find a room first because we consider it extremely erotic to uh t-take it off in front of someone...