Navy and Blue characters again, and Hothead’s character wearing some sort of scarf + sash (scarsh?) thingy. Finding it hard to come up with “proper” outfits for them, so I’ve just been doing whatever!

I’ll also probably need more character designs again, so feel free to make more suggestions… if my patrons don’t that is!

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Villager A: 'tis a nice evening indeed!
Villager C: Hunted it myself!
Villager B: The plates are over there!

Keith: I guess there was nothing to worry about.
Cruz: They've been nothing but friendly so far.
Tammy: But that's how cults get you don't they?
Myan: [hungers]

Hibi-Hibi: Well... you boys might want to watch out.
Cruz: W-what, are they actually dangerous?
Keith: I knew it!

Hibi-Hibi: You'll see what I mean. Don't worry about it and just enjoy the food.
Tammy: Oh that's not ominous at all.