Vote Comic! Sorry I missed an update, I was distracted again especially by Stranded 2.

A reference for Lady Gaga’s meat dress, and yes, from that show. I’m surprised that it’s an ok show.


[[Myan getting ready to eat out of her bowl using a fork and spoon}}

[[She makes like a tiger and eats with her hands instead]]
Myan: Rawr!

[[Keith looking disappointed]]

[[Myan transformed back to her cat girl form, and wearing some new clothing]]

[[Keith and Tammy looking at a magazine]]
Keith: Do this one next.
Tammy: The meat dress?!

[[Myan transformed into a pony, and Cruz jumping for joy]]
Cruz: Pony ride!
Myan: No.

[[Alarm clock showing it's already 11:27 PM]]

[[Cruz and Tammy leave as Myan and Keith bid farewell]]