What happened earlier + Oblivion reference

So… those two sweaty girls from the previous page are taking a bath (thanks Haliya). I wonder if I should draw that hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

These strips are small but since there’s a story now there’s a lot of thinking involved. I’m still bad and slow at writing, but there’s really only one way to get better!

Now, Page 199 mentions that her worshipers banned fireworks to not distract from “the glory that is the Moon”. Continuing from that idea, they’ll need people to do said prohibiting, so… forest rangers!

Are these Haliyan forest rangers real or fake? They’re real and working with, not for, the local municipal government. Both groups will benefit from protecting the forest from fire/works, illegal logging, etc., and helping hikers/campers. As for each group benefitting, the municipal won’t have to manage the forest or staff, while the Haliyans can keep people away from their village with some legal backing. The municipal don’t know where their village is though, and they’re wise enough to not piss-off them of a group that hunts monsters and have a warrior goddess leading them.

Being unmasked is tantamount to being naked, if not plain uncomfortable to Haliyans, so these forest rangers wear masks enchanted to look invisible to others. I’m not even sure when they’ll appear again after this Episode, but I imagine most Haliyans that leave their village will wear invisible masks like these. The tawlis also help them out in the forest rangers by spooking people with some scawy wind, or else just blowing them away with stronger gusts.



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Blue Bunny Haliyan: Please forgive me for that misunderstanding my Goddess! If you need real fireworks, then...

Blue Bunny Haliyan: ...will these do? Our forest rangers confiscated these earlier.

Blue Bunny Haliyan: Only we can prevent forest fires after all!