Interestingly, a page with none of the main characters. Naturally, they’re somewhere off-camera with dumbfounded expressions.

This also the first comic and drawing I’ve completely finished using my new gaming table. Things are certainly a lot easier to do now that I can use everything, aside from owning a cool table and freeing up space. Thanks as usual for your patronage my patrons, and the new patrons/upped pledges too of course!

Also, feel free to submit suggestions for Haliyan characters again. Or not cause it was fun designing these three and the ones from the previous page.



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Haliya: Let's check on what happened with the paputok next.
Tawli: whoosh, whoshhhhh whooosh?!
Haliya: Ah, there's that tawli! Hmm?

Tawli: whoosh. whooshh... WHSHH! WHSHHH!!

Haliyan 1: And I keep telling you, these are the warriors with the biggest and baddest putok that you asked us to look for.

Haliyan 2: I did not know my musk can serve Haliya!
Haliyan 3: I did 100 pushups to get this sweaty!
Tawli: wh...whewsh.

Haliya: Um... their language has a lot of nuances. Let me clear this up and find something to do for these two.