Bonus artwork of Myan for New Year 2021

Happy? New Year 2021

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You gonna be a good year or you gonna be a problem? We’ll see, we’ll see…

At least I started doing lewds and increased my Patreon income, so last year wasn’t 100% horrible for me, thanks so much you guys!

But enough about last year! I got a ton of resomolutions for this year, how about you guys?

  • Stop being addicted and procrastinating due to video games, browsing, manga. Alas, I’m one foot deep into Hololive right now haha. Only been watching clips at most since watching someone else playing for hours just isn’t for me.
  • Draw every day. I’m just doing 5-10 minute gesture drawings, nothing too difficult!
  • Catch up on last year’s backlog. Gonna take a while for this!
  • Update comic regularly, once a week. Increase it after I’ve reduced the backlog.
  • Get back to streaming art again.
  • Dabble with animation.
  • Maybe upgrade my computer. I just got a 250GB SSD though, but we’ll see if I need to upgrade more than that.