In the Philippines, you’re not considered an adult until you see a Philippine Eagle. People who haven’t seen the eagle yet are called “diagilas“, and they are treated as children no matter their age until they do see one. That’s why at the age of 12, parents have been known to send their children on pilgrimages just to see these eagles. Also, did I sound convincing cause I just made all of that up… or did I?

I don’t know how much you guys know about the Philippines, but I can probably make some stuff up and you wouldn’t know it, heh..heheh… (yes the above was all made up, but secretly wishing it was true)


Rallidae: ...treat you at the zoo's restaurant? Can you smell that? It drives tourists and animals alike wild!
Myan: ~drool

Rallidae: Maybe you'd like a discount at the gift shop? Got some great stuff in there! Note this awesome hat I am now wearing.

Rallidae: And ooh, just for today, you'll be able to meet- the rare Philippine Eagle! I'm not supposed to do this, but for you...

Rallidae: ...I can call in some favors so you guys can take some... once-in-a lifetime photos.

Keith: Maybe I should've asked for more...
Everyone: WOOO!!