*cue “Mission Impossible” theme song*

To be fair, Myan can actually work as a secret agent (complete with catsuit) if she wants to. Now, the question is if the Philippines has a decent spy agency or something… Sadly, we also don’t have any fancy zoos here, which is why they’re inexpensive. One ticket without any discounts is around $2-3 only.


*Keith looks at the ticket prices...*
Keith: It's not that expensive, but I'd rather not pay for Myan's entrance fee if I can help it.
Myan: sorry...
Cruz: Hmm, I have an idea...

Cruz: Okay, I'll scout the area for cameras and guards, Keith is the distraction, while Myan sneaks in. Try not to die.
Myan: I've sneaked in before!
Keith: I'll do anything to save a few bucks.
Tammy: Or you know, we can just, like, split her ticket. Guys? ...erm, what do I do?

Cruz: Take pictures of us being badasses, for posterity.
Tammy: Posterit- oh, Facebook.