HD Version (Flats|Lineart|Sketch)

She was supposed to be glowing like a Saiyan in the last panel, but I didn’t want to cover up all the shading I’ve done.

Also, heyy I did a drawing but it’s not Cat Nine related so I didn’t post it here, unless it’s fine with you guys?

EDIT: 2nd panel fixed according to someone’s complaints

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↓ Transcript
Keith: Hibi? I feel fine except you look... taller? (like, really tall)
Cruz: Or did we shrink?!

Hibi-Hibi: No, this is my true form. It was an emergency. ummmm... hello!
Cruz: Hi Hibi.
Keith: So what happened?

Hibi-Hibi: You three passed out when the Bakunawa ate the moon and caused the eclipse.
She's also known as a man-eater, so I was worried what might happen.