Sorry for the lack of updates. For anyone who was worrying about me, thanks. I’m fine… well, fine-er. Catching up again with friends I haven’t seen in years (thanks COVID), and now regularly hanging out/gaming together online, or now and then in real life. I’m super introverted, but even I didn’t realize how much I missed interacting with my buds again.

Anyhoo, gonna take me some time to build up a drawing habit again, but I can’t keep feeling discouraged, pathetic, and guilty, and procrastinating forever. And I guess it’s time to admit it, I’m not the most passionate artist out there. Waiting until I’m in the mood to draw just isn’t gonna cut it as you can see. I have to rely on habit and discipline to actually get some serious work done.

Therefore, I WILL post a comic page every Friday no matter what.


Keith: L-let go!! I have to...!
Tammy: Don't! It's still too dangerous!
Cruz: Hold it dude!

Tiger Haliyan: One chance to do this...!

Tiger Haliyan: I GOT YOU!!

Tammy: Myan!
Cruz: phew!