Episode 1: First Day For Everything

The first episode of Cat Nine: Take Two! Everyone should start here! 36 regular pages, from page 1 to 36.

Episode 2: Magna Cat Laude

Cat Nine: Take Two! Episode 2! Second day for the characters, and Myan's first day on the "job". 37 pages total: 34 regular pages, 2 bonus pages, and 1 interactive page. Starts from page 37, and ends on page 70.

Episode 3: Naturally Myan

Cat Nine: Take Two! Episode 3! Raising a magical talking cat/girl ain't easy, as this episoder shows. Starts from page 71 and ends on page 106.

Episode 3 Hiatus

One month hiatus before Episode 4
Jun 10, 2015Killer Respect
Jun 12, 2015Guardians 1