April 2018 Patrons and ko-fi Enablers

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This was supposed to be a sketch as usual buuut hey, why not introduce true!Hibi with a bit more oomph? Ready for prom or summer! Hothead also made another colored version using the sketch so, thanks Hothead, it’s adorable!

Tried out a lot of stuff for this drawing:

  • Drawing tall!Hibi looks weird to me probably because I’m not used to it yet, so drawing her this way helps! Good thing you guys like her anyways!
  • Wanted to try out using Copic markers, so I made do with this color palette and brush.
  • Colored lineart. My usual style is black or a single different color. I don’t really use it that much since it’s additional work not only in terms of having to color the lineart, but you also have to consider how the colored lineart works with other colors.