Art Commissions

Commission something from me! Finished commissions are also displayed here and in my Commissions gallery in deviantArt.

Bonus Art and Comics (deviantArt)

All (non-patron exclusive) bonus art and comics. Past voting incentives are also posted here.

Free Wallpapers (Dropbox)

Free downloadable wallpapers! Original for original art and Halloween wallpapers, Comic Rips for wallpapers made from comic panels.

Fan Art and Comics

Got a fan art or comic you want to show? Submit them through email, forum or chat! As of now, NSFW fan art should be submitted in Cat Nine’s #nsfw channel in Discord.

Blog Archive

Lists all blog posts, arranged by year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions I get asked a lot, like why I update so slow or what program I’m using to draw.


Shows which pages and how many times a character showed up.

Links and Banners

If you want to link to Cat Nine, you can get your banners and buttons here! I’ll put your banner here too if we’ve done a banner exchange.

Tv Tropes

The Tv Tropes page for Cat Nine. Needs a lot of work so any help is appreciated!

Privacy Policy

Describes the privacy policy regarding information collected in the site. Sorry, it’s required that I put this somewhere in the site!