Bonus artwork of Rallidae going for a run while wearing spats or spandex shorts

Spats Rallidae

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Gotta be fit to chase the news! As suggested by Yugo Ryan .

Like her, I’m exercising too by trying out some soft airbrushing again! Might as well since it’s another thing to add to my skill set for commissions, ehem.

Just in case anyone asks, I just like the look cel-shading better in most cases, aside from saving tons of time that is. I haven’t done much practice or research when it comes to airbrushing, but from doing this piece I can guess that:

  • You need more references and experience with lighting/shadows, especially with muscles and the like. I do need more practice with muscles in the first place though.
  • More references/experience for reflections too, if you’re feeling fancy.
  • For more control with shading/highlights, you’re gonna have to select/deselect/marquee more compared to cel-shading.

The third bullet point in particular adds quite a bit of time…