Sorry for the delay guys! Had some chores that I needed to do and been trying to uh, what’s that word… process (?) the documents needed for a Japan visa. Like, did you guys know you need an itinerary when applying for a Japan visa? Ugh.

If anyone’s still interested in submitting guest comics for next week (cause I’ll be in Japan), I’ll extend the deadline until next week since I can probably post it while I’m over there.

Also, thanks for another month of patronage, my patrons! For everyone else, this is your last chance (after July ends) to get added to the Hall of Fame in the Patrons page. I’ll make a thank you for all the patrons that pledged any amount during the whole Episode, which I’ll post below the final page of that Episode. I’ll start doing this every Episode from now on!

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Rallidae: Don't panic everyone! The emergency team is almost here!

Rallidae: Why are YOU in there?!

Keith: O-oh, heyyy...
Rallidae: Don't just oh hey me, what-

Rallidae: WHAT