Sorry for the delay everyone! I took this delay as an opportunity to reflect what I was doing wrong in the past… by being my natural lazy self just so I can prevent it, hopefully for good, in the future. Maybe you guys can learn something or even help!

  • First off, I’m still very easily distracted by video games, browsing, chatting, and checking my social media and website stats. Compared to before, I definitely have some more self-control now, but this is still the biggest hurdle for me since I do everything on the computer. Looks like it’s time to work on my self-discipline…
  • Whenever I start a new page, I still get intimidated when faced with a blank page/canvas. Check out the comic template I’m using for Cat Nine, feel my dread! The feeling’s more intense if I’m already late or if I haven’t made anything yet until the deadline approaches. So… I suppose the best solution is to make comics earlier or just keep drawing drawing drawing.
  • In the past, instead of feeling happy that I finished another page, I just remember the dread of starting another page. Yikes! I congratulate myself after every finished page now, even when I’m not 100% happy with it.
  • I’m pretty harsh on myself if I make a mistake or don’t know how to draw something. I’ve learned to let go of some of my mistakes, be happy about the things I got right, and make compromises for things I don’t know to draw it well yet (like changing to an easier pose to draw). Oh, and realizing that even professional animators (looks at Samurai Jack Season 5) and comic artists make mistakes helped me get over about being a perfectionist too.
  • Take a look at page 71; if I remember correctly, I didn’t use any references for Keith and Myan so it took forever to draw. I’ve learned to use references more often now, which improves my drawing and saving a lot of time. I can’t recall why I didn’t use references often in the past… maybe I think it was cheating, which it’s not by the way! Well, I’m thankful for my phone and the Internet for the rich resources of references. Perhaps I’ll get a proper digital camera and tripod in the future to help me get more references.
  • I still underestimate or overestimate my skill when drawing or the time it takes to draw something. I’ll think “Oh, this should be quick and easy to draw” when it’s just the opposite, and then I’ll feel stupid afterwards, “why can’t I draw this properly, I should know this by now” (looking at Keith in panel 2). Sometimes everything goes well though. I dunno about, but since I’ve gotten much better compared to before, the “everything goes well” occurs more often, so perhaps it was just my inexperience and I should definitely be drawing more often.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, or not! Just wanted to get this off my chest. I guess being yourself… might be the worse advise for some people!

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Tammy: eep!

Keith: Come with me if you want to- live..?

Myan: Oh! Hi Dad! I don't wanna leave yet! Not without introducing you to- thisshh guy!