*Kuya means big brother in Filipino. Like other languages, it’s not limited to only older male relatives, but who cares about that since I have 3 younger siblings and none of them calls me kuya haha…ha. 😂

Oh and you can bet that if this is a Japanese comic, Myan will probably have a nosebleed.

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Myan: Why hellooo there little boy... do you have a kuya*? If you don't have one, you're fine too ehehe~
Cougar cub: I need an adult...

Myan: Mmhm! Me wants some of that tigerrrrr tush!

Myan: You can bite me as much as you want! Or maybe I'll bite you instead?

Tammy: Is Myan... catcalling?
Cruz: They grow up too fast.
Keith: I-I want no part of this animal abuse!!
Myan: Huuunks!