Guhhhh, Keith’s pose in panel 1 took forever to draw for some reason, guess I should’ve practiced drawing more people sitting during the hiatus. At least I’ve got it mostly right, and I think I’ve vastly improved drawing backgrounds. Keith could use more “man-spreading” in his pose though, hahaha.

For those who use Flash to draw, I use the Line tool for drawing straight/man-made objects and backgrounds, but I’ve felt for a long time now that they’re, well, too perfect (and boring), especially for Cat Nine’s style. Now, I think I’ll just use them as a guide so I can draw them by hand. Who knew that (PROTIP->) a little bit of imperfection can add more personality!


Keith: That reminds me, Tammy invited us to go to the Zoo tomorrow. You coming?

Myan: Wow, I haven't been there in forever!

Keith: Wait, you've went there before?
Myan: Lots of times!

Keith: Ohhhh! So that's why you're aware of other animals.
Myan: Yup!