It’s about time that I get back to drawing extreme angles like this, and I could really use the practice anyway!

As some of you would know (cough patrons), the lion enclosure was originally indoors and uses glass. Later it made more sense to me, in the comic and in real life, for lions to be fenced outside. Now I’m really glad that I made it a fence cause I really wanted to draw the last panel, and gives me an good excuse to get Myan in there!

And some announcements

  • Episode 5 poll is now closed. Looks like we’re going with “moon”! Most people voted “moon” on the community poll too. Good choice everybody! I haven’t actually finished writing it yet (like most Episodes), but I do have a rough outline and a good idea how to end it.
  • Myan’s Hairstyle poll (Community poll here) will be closed June 6 @ 10pm GMT+8.
  • Happy Birthday mom!

This page’s RAWR Patrons. I’m making a note here: FIRST MONTH, HUGE SUCCESS (okay not huge huge, but still, thank you everyone!)

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↓ Transcript
Tammy: I guess there was nothing to worry about!

Tammy: Right, Keith? Whose shoes are... these...

Keith: Hrrrr!