Sorry for the delay again as have been busy with other stuff as usual. Still, I’m working on some comic-related stuff too, like the new interactive side-comic Magicat Girl, and I’m planning and making some wallpapers for Patreon. The wallpapers could be panels from the comic pages, or original artwork. If you have a specific comic you want to make into a wallpaper, or have an idea for an original wallpaper, just leave a comment or send an email!

Guhh, I think I need more practice drawing glasses. To me, Rallidae’s glasses look more like a thicker version of those paper 3d glasses. Oh well! It would probably help if I get some glasses of my own as reference, and I do need them for seeing anyway (nearsightedness).

↓ Transcript
Rallidae: Do you have any questions before we proceed with the tour?

Myan: Where's your brother?
Keith: What really happened the last time we met?
Cruz: How did you get those smokebombs?
Tammy: Do you actually work here?
Rallidae: Hah! Are you sure you're not the journalists here? Well, let's talk about it while walking shall we?