Ever wonder how fast your website loads? Find out for free through Pingdom’s Website speed test! This handy tool not only shows you which files or objects affect your website’s speed, it also gives recommendations that can improve your site’s load time.

Why should you care about load time?

  • Not everyone has fast Internet.
  • People are generally impatient and hate slow websites.
  • Fast sites are better for people on mobile.

You might need some technical know-how to carry out some of the recommendations suggested by the tool, but for most (especially webcomics), the images in your website have the largest effect on speed.  That’s why I advise optimizing/compressing all of your images even at the expense of some quality, but trust me, most people won’t notice the difference at all – I suggest TinyPNG and TinyJPG which I use myself, or this all-in-one online tool compressor.io. compressor.io even has a lossless option, which will try to keep your image files from losing the least amount of quality possible.

Other things that can slow a site are advertisements, and extra stuff like chatboxes and Facebook/Twitter widgets. Consider removing these if they are affecting the speed too much, or if you don’t need them anymore.

Thanks to this, I’ve managed to make Cat Nine faster for everyone; now it loads in 2-6 seconds on average! How about you, how fast does your website load? Try posting your results in the comments below!

Cat Nine Pingdom results

Try and beat this, suckas