Bonus artwork of Myan as Vault Boy/Girl from Fallout

Vault Catgirl Myan and new Image Format

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Vault Catgirl Myan here to test the new Image post-format! This is both an announcement and test post so only HD + WIP is the real link.

I’ll use this from now on to replace the Aside format that I’ve been using for posting my artwork, and I’ll slowly change my older artwork posts to this new format as well. Posting art is going to be a touch faster, easier, and cleaner with this new format since I don’t have to do everything inside WordPress’ text editor.

  • Actually uses the post’s title instead of me having to type/copy-paste it. It should also automatically link to the post itself, I’m testing if the link works with this post (it works!).
  • Now actually uses the post’s Featured Image/thumbnail and outputs it inside the post. Clicking on the image also opens itself for full view. Unfortunately, the lightbox plugin that I use doesn’t seem to be working on this. I’ve already asked Simple Lightbox’s developers for help with this, but if they can’t, oh well. Lastly, I can assign a different URL for the image to link to instead of itself if I want.
  • Categories and tags just below the title, instead of at the bottom.
  • Buttons! I just have to copy-paste the URL instead of fiddling around in the text editor and having to assign classes/ids to them. These five links are what I think I’ll use the most, and use these too for comic posts later. Pixiv’s only going to be for public NSFW posts so, remember this: blue buttons = free horny.