Cat Nine bonus comic for Valentine's Day 2020. It involves the three Haliyans from Episode 5.

Valentine’s 2020

Completed in: 9h 32m
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A bit late but hey. And yeah, there’s a textless version if you’re that thirsty, wink wink.
I didn’t originally really plan this to take place before our heroes (I gotta come up with a name for their group…) arrived at their village, but making it so seemed like a good fit.

I also don’t really have names for these three girls yet, though I’ve just been naming the layers I drew them in as “Nami”, “Hothead”, and “Blondie”.

Oh yeah, just found out about the<details> html tag. Gonna use them for the transcripts. Unlike the actual comic pages, that feature isn’t built-in for these blog posts…

[The trio of Haliyans discuss their plans for getting a date…]
Redhead Haliyan: The waiting game. Works every time, eventually!
Brunette Haliyan: Ah, patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. But I prefer-Brunette Haliyan: Brustkrieg!! Give them no time to think, except “yes”!
Redhead Haliyan: Bodacious, as usual!Blonde Haliyan: Instead of relying on convoluted tactics, I was thinking of just asking directly this time.Brunette Haliyan: EHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?!!
Redhead Haliyan: Is that the breast you can do?!