Just remembered to do this so… my Tapas has just been deleted. Goodbye, or rather 안녕 (annyeong)! Oh, fun fact, there’s a bit of a joke with “annyeonghaseyo” (“hello” in English), and Filipino’s “ano nang yari sayo” (“what happened to you” in English) since they sound kinda similar. 😆

If I make a mirror again I might use WEBTOON or MangaDex next time, but I’d rather have all Cat Nine comics in here anyway, and the original intention for posting in Tapas is to have a more mobile-friendly version way to read Cat Nine. While the horizontal strip + scrolling isn’t exactly ideal for mobiles, I think cat-nine.net’s currently good enough with all the responsive changes I’ve been doing.

If you’re asking why I dislike mirrors/hosting somewhere else, well:

  • Some of the most-well known webcomics don’t have mirrors.
  • I don’t like the term “webtoon”. It’s “webcomic”!
  • I prefer owning my own stuff in general. That includes hosting comics in my own website. More responsibilities for me yes, but I can customize a lot of things (fun for me), or learn how to do it myself if I don’t know. Fair enough for people who don’t have the time, skill, nor money to deal with web design and maintenance.
  • Converting to vertical strip from horizontal is time-consuming and not all the panels/pages are going to convert well.
  • From my experience in Tapas, they usually use CDNs that lossy optimize images that I upload to lower their size, but it also hugely affects quality. It’s understandable for mobile-users and/or slow internet, but it’s a bit annoying having my artwork be downgraded like that without any choice. Aside from that, I usually can’t download the images I’ve uploaded, at least at the original quality I’ve uploaded them in. Not that it matters that much since I have the original source files, but still, it kinda fails as a mirror if I can’t access my own images for emergencies. They also disable right-clicking to save images, which just annoys me a lot for some reason.