Art Stream 7

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Oh wow these turned out pretty well even the meme ones, and had a lot of fun talking to you guys with my new mic too. Excuse my speech since I’m not that fluent in English… aaand I’m not much of a talker haha. Don’t be surprised with that since I am Lazylonewolf after all. At least I’m getting some practice with talking with ya!

So we got:

  • Myan welcoming 2019. Happy New Year everyone!
  • Myan in a pile of laundry. They seem like a dirty pile of clothes, but eh. Myan doesn’t have to launder her clothes since she can just poof them, and I doubt Keith will just leave a pile of clean/dirty clothes lying around his small room
  • Myan dabbing, because of course
  • Myan surprised Pikachu face
  • Tammy as Nagatoro drinking some milk. It looks like Myan’s shocked that she’s drinking her milk here ☺️
  • Ralsei, our number one fluffy boy from Deltarune
  • Myan as Isabelle from Animal Crossing/Smash Bros.