I just told myself I wouldn’t be fiddling around with the website again, but ehh, I suddenly found myself having another go at trying to make the website more mobile-friendly again.

So far, all I’ve done is:

  • Remove the left-sidebar. The left-sidebar disappears when the width is down to a certain size. This should work on most mobile screen sizes (in both orientations), but also with desktop browsers, unfortunately. If I did this correctly, the left-sidebar shouldn’t disappear when you resize desktop browsers, but I don’t have the time yet so this will do for now! Later, I’m planning to put up another sidebar for mobile-users just below the bottom comic navigation that displays my social media, ko-fi, and Patreon.
  • Disable all of the widgets on mobile for the left sidebar. The left sidebar is just hidden through CSS actually, so I still need to disable some of the widgets before they load so mobile-users don’t load them, specifically the advertisements. I disabled all of them though just in case, and they’re only disabled for mobile. This should speed things up a bit for mobile-users!
  • Adjust the width to 100% for the right sidebar. Well, the remaining sidebar, which contains most of the content. If I left it alone, there’d be a huge space left by the removed left-sidebar. Reading the blog/comments, and looking at the artwork from the homepage looks a lot nicer now! Er, okay, the comments look too small to read without zooming-in. I don’t recall if they were that small before I changed stuff, so, sorry if it did become smaller!
  • From now on, artwork will fit 90-95% of the screen’s height. I’ve applied it to all of the artwork displayed currently displayed in the homepage. Looks like I need to decide on a minimum width for them so they’ll fit it perfectly for mobile…
  • Added some slight space between the bottom comic navigation and the responsive ad, to lessen misclicks.

And sorry, but you still have to zoom-in and/or read in landscape orientation for most of the comics since I have to convert them to the vertical format first, which takes a lot of time, plus not all pages will fit the format correctly.

I was thinking if I should permanently change to a square/vertical/manga page format to make things easier for myself. I still like the horizontal strip format a lot though, but I’ll think about this more seriously after the current Episode is over. What do you guys think?