Fan art of Satania from Gabriel Dropout

Satania (Gabriel DropOut)

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Look out, there’s a demon! And she’s sitting out there all smug-like!

Satania from Gabriel Dropout, as suggested by IndiSkye.

I used my Wacom Pro Pen 2, the stylus included with my Cintiq 16, for linearting and shading this.

I kept it aside and just used my old stylus since I was worried about the pen nibs running out for the Pro Pen 2. It’s baffling because the replacement nibs for it doesn’t seem to be available around here, at least not without ordering internationally from Amazon.

Anyway, I think it’s more of a waste to not use it, so here I’ll start using it from now on! It’s definitely more pressure-sensitive, though I’m not sure if some of you can tell from how I did the lineart here.

I also used the default Flat Marker tool for the shading.