Restarted A Lazy Blog

I’ve been itching to blog again, so here’s A Lazy Blog, Take Two!

I’ll be posting about:

  • personal stuff
  • random stuff
  • cool stuff
  • rants
  • memes
  • unrefined, practice, and warm-up sketches. I didn’t want to flood my other websites with these

I prefer using WordPress for “content” like these, so if these look fun to you then feel free to sub/follow. I’ll only publish really big or important posts to Facebook (and maybe Cat Nine), but I’ll definitely share most of them to my Twitter and deviantArt.

I also won’t blog about finished artwork or comic-related updates like with my old Tumblr, so go sub to Cat Nine or my other social media for those! Or… make it a monthly update of all the stuff I’ve drawn that month. It makes sense to post them here after all.

Speaking of which, I originally did import the older blog from Tumblr. I changed my mind since most of them are old (because of the first panel comic updates) or Tumblr-exclusive, so they looked out of place here. And I didn’t want to have to edit 200+ posts too, so I might as well start from scratch.

If I like blogging enough then maybe I’ll get a proper lazylonewolf.com domain, but that’s another yearly expense. I could’ve made a subdomain here, but lazylonewolf.cat-nine.net just doesn’t look great to me.

More likely I’ll just abandon or forget about this blog again, but hey

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