EDIT 1/1/2024: Ah, it seems it's down for good now. RIP one of the sites that helped me on my way to becoming an artist... at least it's still alive through the Wayback Machine, of which I've replaced the link below with it

Polykarbon Tutorials!

Oh this takes me back - there weren't that many tutorials available on the Internet back then! His tutorials helped me a long time ago when I absolutely have no idea how to draw in anime/manga style yet.

It's extremely outdated and some of the pages aren't working anymore, but you can probably still learn something from these. It's got some basic anime figure drawing, and coloring/special effects in Photoshop (really old version).

Let's see if I can find that other old site where I learned to draw manga... all I remember is a blue header, with a cat girl on it. Can anyone else recall it?