I’ve recently installed the Patreon WordPress plugin, and now it should allow your Patreon account to login to Cat Nine. A log-in button is now present in the patrons page, in the left sidebar!

Your Cat Nine account will be linked to Patreon

If you already have a username in Cat Nine and try to log-in using Patreon, you might be asked to log-in to your Cat Nine’s account first, and then Patreon. This will link your account to each other.

Anyone with a Patreon account can login

Yes, it allows even non-patrons with Patreon accounts to log-in, but it’s really only useful for NomAds at the moment, although I’m planning to remove some of the ads for lower-tier patrons too.

Less or no ads for RAWR and below?

That was my original plan actually, with higher-tiers removing more ads, but I couldn’t do it since there weren’t any plugins available yet until now. I settled with the NomAd tier since creating and sending log-in details for each and every patron, then assigning them a Role in Cat Nine is too much work for me. Especially with lower-tier patrons since anyone would expect them to be more of them compared to higher-tier ones.

I still have to manually change Roles in Cat Nine to make ads not load for you though, but that’s way easier to do en masse.

EDIT: I’ve implemented lesser ads now for Starter Pack, Reader’s Choice, and RAWRs now!

  • Starter Pack won’t see the ads inside and between blog posts.
  • Reader’s Choice won’t see the ads that Starter Pack can’t see, in addition to the left sidebar and comment section ads.
  • RAWRs will only see the top-most ad that’s present in the whole site.

All tiers will also hide the Comic Rocket banners on the left sidebar, near the bottom. And reminder that hiding ads will still work if you’re logged-in while using mobile devices!

No more NomAd?

I might have to remove the NomAd tier if I decide to remove all ads for RAWRs, or I can think up of another worthy reward for it as a replacement, hmm… perhaps a one-time drawing for an avatar? Suggestions welcome! I’ll return NomAd if somehow in the future the Patreon plugin doesn’t work.

EDIT: With the above changes implemented, looks like NomAd is here to stay for now, though paying an extra $2 dollars to hide the top ad… I don’t know how much that’s worth it to you guys, aside from having more priority for suggestions and art streams that is.