Hello my patrons! You’ve probably received an email about Patreon’s new fee structure, and some of you have already cancelled your pledges in protest of it. I just want to let you guys know, no hard feelings if you do delete your pledge!

I’ve done all I can to let Patreon know that I don’t agree with the new changes, although yeah, it’s basically just tweeting (@Patreon and @PatreonSupport) and messaging them. That’s about all I can do really, and I suggest you tweet/message them as well.

Hopefully they’ll keep the old system, but if not, well, I’m still grateful for your past support! If you’d still like to show support without going through Patreon though, you can always buy me a ko-fi,

EDIT: I tried!

EDIT 2: Well, looks like they’ll be keeping the old fee, thank goodness. Still gonna be wary of them though, and so should you.