Old Gallery replaced, New Gallery finished

The new Gallery is finally done! A visually superior way to browse artwork in Cat Nine compared to browsing the blog categories/tags!

Screen shot the new gallery

The artwork inside galleries are now tagged and titled correctly, and clicking them will take you to its associated blog post so you can comment, share, etc. The same goes for the random art widget in the left sidebar, although the “Cat Nine Fan Art” widget will still take you to the Cat Nine Fan Art Gallery since most of them don’t have blog posts. I’ve also added a new random art widget for mobiles too; it’s located in the footer.

The downside is clicking on them won’t bring up the lightbox anymore (except for artwork in the Cat Nine Fan Art Gallery), but I didn’t want that to happen in the first place since people can’t leave comments, and well, it doesn’t increase pageviews.

I also had to split the galleries into 50 images each. There’s something weird going on with the Photo Gallery plugin I’m using if I try to manually reorder images if there are more than 50 images in a gallery.

They’ve fixed it by now. I’ve combined the three Cat Nine Art galleries into one.