I know the First Goal is just to keep Cat Nine running and get more readers but wow, oh wow! I never could’ve imagined that the first goal would be reached in a month, thank you guys so much! Looks like Cat Nine’s staying for good this time!

I”ve already made a new entry for the first goal in the Patrons page for you, The Nine, unless someone else becomes a patron wink. In that case, Nine + One, like the Goal! No, don’t even mention “what if another one becomes a patron?”, my mind simply cannot comprehend it . Still, it’s awesome that the First Goal was reached with 9 patrons. 🐱

Fun fact: the first goal was supposed to be $10 (cost for hosting and domain name), that’s why the pic for it was 9 + 1. To be honest, it’s a little pricier compared to, say, Bluehost, but I’m hosting Cat Nine locally (Philippines) to support local businesses. So uh, I just wanna say that you’re also supporting this little country of mine, and I appreciate that!

Thanks to all who helped reached the goal and made Cat Nine’s Patreon a success! To everyone else, this is your last chance to join the list below by becoming a patron before May ends!

EDIT: Nine + One patrons, woooo!

1-up - $50 Goal Reached!

1-up – Reached $50 Goal at May 2017. This is enough to keep Cat Nine running every year and have some extra for advertising. Thank you so much!

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  • Yugo Ryan
  • ZetashockCat
  • MCWildcat
  • Kaisoni
  • Red Marine
  • Knut Breitschuh
  • Henry K9
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