[all slots closed!]

Alright so, I’ve decided to accept requests or character design submissions for some background characters for the next Episode. Feel free to submit drawings if you can, but if you can’t, describe them as much as possible! Tell me by commenting, email, social media, or Discord!


  • They’re background characters, so they might appear in just one panel or page. They might not even have dialogue, or appear ever again!
  • I’ll accept 10 submissions.
  • I’ll prioritize patrons first, according to tier.

Submitting designs

  • Females only
  • No need to design their faces and clothing
  • Drawings are great! The more detailed, the better. Or not since they’re background characters…
  • Please describe their:
    • Hair style, color, and length
    • Height, body type and figure
    • Skin color
    • Breast size, I guess? (I originally suggested this character design thing in #nsfw…)
    • Or any other detail actually