New Discord Emojis

IndiSkye and MCWildcat boosted the Cat Nine Discord server, so we got 100+ more emoji slots to use, so thanks you two! Now we have a lot more emojis to abuse. I hope I won’t regret adding some of these, especially those two with Myan and Tammy licking!

Comicad Ads

Remember Project Wonderful (RIP)? A couple of guys started a replacement called, and I’m already using it to publish and advertise as some of you have already seen. Perhaps if it performs better than Google Adsense, I’ll even replace all of them with these.

So if you guys got a website, comic, or artwork to advertise, why not start here? For now, I’ve got two ad units:

  • Leaderboard (728×90): This leaderboard ad shows at the top of most pages, and more importantly, near comic pages, so it’s prime real estate! Has a minimum of $0.15 though. I replaced an Adsense responsive ad for this, but it’s starting to look like it’s worth it.
  • Skyscraper (160×600): Found on the bottom left sidebar. Visible while scrolling down the homepage, most posts/pages, and the comments section. No minimum bid. And for now, I’ve also set it so it will follow people around when they scroll down for maximum visibility! I hope that doesn’t annoy people too much though… but hey, most of you are reading for free you know!
  • NEW! Square (300×250):  Replaced another responsive Google ad, this time in the left sidebar. Added 2/9/2020. Looks like there’s a max of 3 ads per website with Comicads.

Finally, depending on your Patreon tier, these three ads will be disabled similarly with Adsense ads if you’re logged-in.